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Easy Discount and tax calculation. You can change tax rate & discount rate.
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About history preservation function

The items saved in the history are only the numerical value (tax exclusion, tax included), discount rate, number that is entered from NUM designation function before the [SAVE] button is pressed. Multiplication done with [×] button, discount calculation done with [-] button are not saved.

The function as a calculator and the history storage function are separated. The button related to history function is only the [SAVE] button. Therefore, even if you press the CA button, the history already saved will not be deleted.

You can check the list of saved history by displaying the history screen. If you press and hold a line, you can delete the corresponding history. You can delete them all at once from the menu in the upper right.


[Ver 2.14.1]
- Miner fixes.
[Ver 2.14.0]
- Added [Switch two tax rates] mode(Updates for Japan).
- Fixed the bug that the total discount on history screen was not calculated correctly when there were multiple pieces.
[Ver 2.13.1]
- Miner fixes.
[Ver 2.13.0]
- Update libraries.
[Ver 2.13.0]
- Added the function to show the discount total amount on the history screen.
[Ver 2.12.4]
- Fine adjustment of the layout was done.
[Ver 2.12.3]
- Fixed crash bug.
[Ver 2.12.2]
- Fixed crash bugs.
[Ver 2.12.1]
- Fixed a bug that crashes on startup.
[Ver 2.12.0]
- You can remove ads for a fee.
- Adapted to EU's new personal information protection rules.
- Added option to keep tax calculation mode (tax included, tax excluded) even after this app is over.
[Ver 2.11.2]
- Miner fixes.
[Ver 2.11.1]
- Fix to apply layout according to font size setting when launching the application.
[Ver 2.11.0]
- The character size of the numerical display part and tax inclusive price display part can be changed from the setting screen.
- Fixed bugs.
[Ver 2.10.1]
- Changed the color of the button in the tax exclusion calc mode.
- Fixed bugs.
[Ver 2.10.0]
- Added the function to vibrate when tapping the button.
[Ver 2.9.0]
- Added function to copy the displayed numbers when you tap on it.
[Ver 2.8.1]
- Fixed a bug which the tax amount is displayed even when the tax calc function is turned off.
- We turned on the function to display discounts and tax amounts by default.
- The setting items have been sorted out.
[Ver 2.8.0]
- Added function to display tax amount (It is off by default).
[Ver 2.7.3]
- Stability improvement
[Ver 2.7.2]
- Minor modification.
[Ver 2.7.1]
- Increased the number of digits of the tax rate that can be set.
[Ver 2.7.0]
- Added five buttons in the tax rate input dialog for registering tax rates freely.
[Ver 2.6.1]
- Specification changed to keep scroll position when history is deleted on history screen.
- Fixed a bug that crashes under certain conditions.
[Ver 2.6.0]
- Added tax exclusion calculation mode.
[Ver 2.5.2]
- We changed the specification so that discount rate including decimal point can also be used for discount calculation.
- Fixed bugs.
[Ver 2.5.1]
- Fixed crash bug.
- Improved stability
[Ver 2.5.0]
- Added theme colors (Pink, DarkGray, Blue).
- Added function to display discount amount including tax.
[Ver 2.4.0]
- Added function to display discount amount(It is disabled by default).
- Nested preference screens
- Specification changed so that normal numeric keypad is displayed also in number dialog.
[Ver 2.3.1]
- Added update check function(You can disable it from setting screen).
[Ver 2.3.0]
- A button for storing the input contents in the history was set on the upper right.
- Added a function to specify the tax rate for each item (basically it is for the US)
[Ver 2.2.5]
- When displaying a dialog prompting the transition to the new version application, change the specification so as not to read the banner advertisement.
[Ver 2.2.4]
- Fixed a crash bug.
[Ver 2.2.3]
- Fixed a crash bug.
[Ver 2.2.2]
- Fixed a bug that caused memory leak under specific conditions.
- Added setting for forcibly displaying in English.
[Ver 2.1.2]
- Fixed a crash bug under certain conditions.
- Added a guide to the new version
[Ver 2.1.1]
- Adjusted so that the layout does not collapse when OS keyboard is displayed.
[Ver 2.1.0]
- Added setting to delete history when exiting.
- Changed the specification so that you can use the number specification function even after pressing the equal button.
[Ver 2.0.0]
- We added a history function to save input contents when [+] button is pressed (default is off).
- Adjusted the color scheme of black theme.
- We tried not to display the full screen advertisement when closing the setting screen
[Ver 1.1.8]
- Errors in notation of setting items have been corrected.
- Adjusted the color scheme of black theme.
[Ver 1.1.7]
- Fine adjustment of the layout
[Ver 1.1.6]
- Added setting to display the confirmation dialog when exiting the app.
[Ver 1.1.5]
- Made minor changes.
[Ver 1.1.4]
- In etc. Dialogue and NUM Dialogue ,Add unique keyboard for entering numerical values (You can turn it off from setting)
[Ver 1.1.3]
- Add [etc.] button, you can enter any discount rate.
- Corresponding to a continuous discount calculation.
[Ver 1.1.2]
- It is now possible to enter any number by the number specified function
[Ver 1.1.1]
- Delete unnecessary permission
[Ver 1.1.0]
- Add select number function
[Ver 1.0.0]
- Release


[Function as a discount computer]

Discount calculation can be done immediately in has been prepared buttons, such as "5% OFF," "10% OFF" the.You can also enter your favorite discount rate on their own from the "etc." button. In addition, the discount rate can be freely set from 0% to 99% in the Settings screen.

[Tax display function]

Without the operation, it displays Tax-included price each time you enter a number. Tax-included price after discount is also displayed.

[Number specified function]

After you enter a number, you can be multiplied by specifying the number from the "number" button.

[Customization of the decimal point calculation]

You can set what-position of the decimal calculate up to, and choice rounding or truncation.

[Theme functionality]

You can change the favorite color appearance from the three colors of orange and blue and black.

[Customize functions of the display]

You can also set not to display the discount calculation button and display including tax portion.

[30 corresponds to the calculation of the up-digit]

Enter a number up to 30 digits, it can be calculated. You can calculate, such as the 30-digit × 30 digits.